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All the products match the description given which can be found under the product after selecting it. In most of our products you can find the reviews from other buyers to read. Most important of all, our products are Eco-friendly so you shouldn't worry about that factor!  

Shipping duration & cost:

Our shipping cost is always Free! 

We ship the product the next 1-3 weekdays from your purchase moment. The shipping time varies from product to product and depends mostly on the location to where the product will be shipped. To keep our prices low, some of our products with a lower price than 9€, do not necessarily have tracking. 

Our shipping duration is from 9 days to 30 working days at most. In some rare cases such as special events like holidays & the corona virus, the shipping time will be most likely close to the later end of our shipping time! 


Please take a few minutes and give us a quick review about your product or go read some of them yourself!

Lost product and refund: 

If the ordered product doesn't reach you, you will be able to seek a refund. Our refund options are: A new product instead or your money back. Additional information in our Policy Page.

Our return policy

If the product doesn't match the description given or is damaged, you will be able to receive a refund. You must send the product back in its original package. The return shipping cost will be paid by the client. For more details read the Policy Page.

Where are we located:

Our team and our office is located in the lovely country of Finland! 

Your Safe Payment:

We use Stripe as a trusted third-party payment provider to ensure the safety of your credit card information. HappyGreenYear does not collect any unnecessary details from your credit card. Only the required information regarding the payment. 

HappyGreenYear doesn’t take any fees but the cost you pay for your product in checkout. The shipping cost is always included in the price! For the time being you can use Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Apple-pay as safe payment methods. Read more in the Policy page.

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Special cases: 


We are not able to fulfill your order

The reason for this is usually in unavailability in our stock and not you! We will refund your money immediately and inform you about the refund via email. 

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