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About Us

HappyGreenYear offers a carefully considered selection of Eco-friendly products!

We are a team of juvenile entrepreneurs from Finland with a dream of changing the world for the better. The most effective way to achieve the dream is to include everyone in it and change the world together!
Our whole team is very keen on the idea that the state of the environment could be much better than it is now. After a while of thinking we got the idea of an Eco-friendly store that could change the way where our whole environment is going! 

Our store and our team are part of a growing movement which fights against climate change, rising sea levels, plastic waste and many other environmental problems in the world.
 You can be part of the change easily by buying your products from our store. We will make sure that everything you order will benefit the environment!

Rome wasn't built in a day and the world can't be changed in a day, but small changes will affect the whole world!
You can check the description of every product and we will inform you about  how environment-friendly the product is.